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This is My Story

Growing up in Ohio, I always wanted to be strong. I lifted weights with the guys in the neighborhood and studied magazines of bodybuilders to learn how to look like them. Then, in my mid-thirties, I saw a picture of myself, and the look on my face said it all. After having my fourth child, I was the heaviest I had ever been. The person I was seeing was not me. Through the course of life and motherhood, I had lost sight of the importance of my own health. I decided enough was enough and started my fitness journey.

With the help of a trainer, I found structure and followed a nutrition plan. What started as a mission to lose the excess weight resulted in competing in my first figure competition just 6 months later, where I took home a 5th place trophy. I was hooked! As I began to talk to others, I realized how much my drive and determination was shining around me like a bright light! Not only did I look and feel better than ever, I was inspiring others with my accomplishments.

Experiencing this new way of life motivated me to become a full-time personal trainer and help others achieve their fitness goals and live healthy lifestyles, and TFit was founded. I took a leap of faith and put myself out there to do what I felt called to do. Competing and training has empowered me and made me stronger and a more beautiful person inside, and through my business I look to instill the same in others. I am able to help motivate and influence others to find their own strengths, to always strive for more and live a healthy and positive lifestyle. I lead by example, continuing to set goals for myself, and most recently becoming an IFBB Physique Pro. Whether your goals are to lose weight, get on stage, or simply get strong, I look forward to welcoming you into the TFit family!

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